Video Production II – Montage #3: “What is Restore The Magic?”

For my third montage, I had to create a video that communicated some sort of message or call-to-action clearly.  Given I’m one of the leaders for the Restore The Magic campaign and this video was already in the works, I figured why not kill two birds with one stone?  As such, my third montage is the official introductory video for the Restore The Magic campaign.

Restore The Magic is a fan-driven movement to convince the current rightsholders to restore and release the original, director’s intended vision for the film Thomas and the Magic Railroad, which differs significantly from the 2000 theatrical version.  The video was filmed by the various fans and leaders using their own equipment, with me filming my own on-camera parts and B-roll.  The script for the video was written by campaign leader Eric Scherer, and I completed the editing in Final Cut Pro X.  Furthermore, as I am A Brighter Escape, I did create the instrumental used at the end of the video.

If anyone wants to help the campaign, you can sign and share the petition here:

You can also find out more information about the changes made on Sodor Island’s Magic Railroad Revealed page, or by reading the original scripts found on the petition page linked above.

All of the third party footage is used under fair use.

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