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After Effects Lower Third Demo

I am finally starting to do work in and learn Adobe After Effects!  In my Motion Advanced class, we had to shoot a 30 second introduction and use Adobe After effects to animate a lower third and create and animate bullet points for what they explain on camera.  I decided to talk to my pastor, Kim Henning at Grace Congregational United Church of Christ in Two Rivers, WI.

Motion Midterm Practical


For my midterm, I had to create a 10 second intro for a TV show using photos and Apple Motion.  I created mine based on an original TV show idea I have that is a police procedural called “Original Sin”.  In hindsight, I would probably have allowed the “An ABC Studios Productions” to show on screen a little longer than it is.  But I am still pleased with the result.

The music is from De Wolfe, which is used under license through my school.

Motion: Retiming Demo #2


In my other retiming assignment, I had use keyframes on the time parameter in motion to create this retiming.  The footage is sourced also from the same digitized home movie.  The music is from De Wolfe, which is used under license through my school.

Motion: Retiming Demo #1

In my motion class, we did experiments with retiming.  Using footage from a digitized home movie, I used the retiming behavior to create this video.  The music is from De Wolfe, which is used under license through my school.

Motion – 3D Text Animation Demo

This is a demo I did in Apple Motion with 3D Text, using a camera and a light to create the desired effect.


Video Production II – Montage #3: “What is Restore The Magic?”

For my third montage, I had to create a video that communicated some sort of message or call-to-action clearly.  Given I’m one of the leaders for the Restore The Magic campaign and this video was already in the works, I figured why not kill two birds with one stone?  As such, my third montage is the official introductory video for the Restore The Magic campaign.

Restore The Magic is a fan-driven movement to convince the current rightsholders to restore and release the original, director’s intended vision for the film Thomas and the Magic Railroad, which differs significantly from the 2000 theatrical version.  The video was filmed by the various fans and leaders using their own equipment, with me filming my own on-camera parts and B-roll.  The script for the video was written by campaign leader Eric Scherer, and I completed the editing in Final Cut Pro X.  Furthermore, as I am A Brighter Escape, I did create the instrumental used at the end of the video.

If anyone wants to help the campaign, you can sign and share the petition here:

You can also find out more information about the changes made on Sodor Island’s Magic Railroad Revealed page, or by reading the original scripts found on the petition page linked above.

All of the third party footage is used under fair use.

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Video Production II – Montage #2: Heartbreak

For my second montage, I had to try to tell a story using multiple camera angles.  There was no time limit, but it to focus around one word.  I decided to pull out an old short movie script I had written for my preproduction class and film my favorite scene from it.  The script, titled Angels of Heartbreak, is a romantic comedy (with some drama elements).  This scene is where one of the main characters, Kira, is rejected by Brad in a mean and humiliating way, so I titled the scene “Heartbreak” and filmed it.  In hindsight, had there been more time, I would have done ADR on Mr. Fruilnik’s lines due to clipping from his shouting.  But I was pleased with the results.

This was filmed on campus with a Canon 70D and edited in Final Cut Pro X.  As you can see, I also included the RECORE Entertainment logo in the beginning, which I’ll be branding in other content as well.  The music is from De Wolfe, used under license through my school.

Video Production II – Montage #1: The Mr. Gast Solution


For my video production and editing 2 class, we had to work on various montages that had to meet a certain criteria.  The first montage was the most free: I just had to create something original that was one minute long.  I got inspiration from my non-working printer (at the time) and something that I call “The Mr. Gast Solution”, named after something one of my grade school teachers said when I blamed the computer for why my work was formatted wrong.  I don’t remember exactly what he said, but it goes something like, “When technology fails you, you pick it up… and you throw it against the wall!!”  (Of course, I am not advocating anyone actually attempt the Mr. Gast solution for any of their technology problems, and I assume no responsibility for any harm that may come to your digital devices!)

On the technical side, it was my first class project to use my own camera, the Canon T5i.  When I filmed the smashing of the printer scene, what I did was take a shot of me starting to pick up the Printer.  Then, the next shot was a black colored pot that goes on the stove, which I held over my head, and acted smashing it against the wall.  In reality, I did not hit the wall with the pot.  Finally, I used some old tech junk (an old graphics card, parts from a toy tape recorder, and even the magnetic film from a VHS tape, just to name a few) to lay on the floor and throw into the trash can at the end to stand in for smashed printer parts.  So, in the end, no printers were harmed in the making of this video!!  After filming, I edited the project in Final Cut Pro X.  Music is supplied by De Wolfe, used under license through my school.