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Animatics Project

This is an animatics project from my film and broadcast preproduction class.  We brainstormed the concept for an ad as a group in class, and then we were tasked with working on the storyboard and animatics for the concept.  The concept is that two people are getting off a train or bus on their way to work.  One has regular water, and the other has Smart Water.  The person with the smart water has a great, stress-free day, while the person with the regular water has everything go wrong.

The drawings and editing were done by me.  This was edited in Final Cut Pro X.

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TC PR Podcast – Accomodations

TC PR is a segment in between shows on my college radio station, TC Campus Connection, that is later archived as a podcast. TC PR explains different programs and services that are available to NWTC students. This episode details how accommodation services at NWTC can help students with various types of disabilities.

This episode is a group project I helped put together. I assisted Taylor Wardlow in writing the script, as well as recording the episode intro and interviewing Mee Saykao. Seth Wanie edited the final version together.

Taylor came up with some questions that I tweaked to better the flow with what accommodation services, and I also added a few of my own questions.  I recorded the episode intro using Pro Tools.  To record the audio in my interview with Mee, I used a Zoom Mic portable audio recorder.  Seth imported both my bounced intro and the recording of the interview into Pro Tools, where I supervised and approved of the final edit of the project.

The most difficult part of editing between me and Seth was making it fit within the maximum 5 minute duration.  The pre-recorded show intro and outro was already 30 seconds each, and while the information provided in the interview was good, it was already 8 minutes alone.  Immediately, all potions of me asking the questions were cut.  Also, a lot of good information that were recorded didn’t end up making the final cut just for time purposes alone.  We only left the bare minimum of information that would be essential for an incoming NWTC student to understand what Accommodation Services is and how they might be able to benefit from it.  Below, I have all of the questions asked during the interview:

  • What is accommodation services?
  • Who is eligible for accommodation services?
  • Why should people who are eligible for accommodations apply for it?
  • What are some of the accommodations students can get from your services?
  • What is the process for finding a note-taker for a class, and are there any benefits for being a notetaker?
  • If a student utilizing accommodations requests a note-taker, do they pay the notetaker themselves, or is that already taken care of by your department?
  • If a future college student plans on attending NWTC and is eligible for accommodation services, how soon should they meet with an accommodations advisor?
  • What advice would you give to incoming NWTC Students on how to get the most out of their education?
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Film and Broadcast Scriptwriting – Media Campaign (Suicide Prevention)

In my scriptwriting class, one of the group assignments was to produce a campaign for an ongoing event or issue that could be used for TV, radio, and the Internet.  One thing I did with my group was write the TV Public Service Announcement.  Below you can see a copy of it:

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