Video Production II – Montage #2: Heartbreak

For my second montage, I had to try to tell a story using multiple camera angles.  There was no time limit, but it to focus around one word.  I decided to pull out an old short movie script I had written for my preproduction class and film my favorite scene from it.  The script, titled Angels of Heartbreak, is a romantic comedy (with some drama elements).  This scene is where one of the main characters, Kira, is rejected by Brad in a mean and humiliating way, so I titled the scene “Heartbreak” and filmed it.  In hindsight, had there been more time, I would have done ADR on Mr. Fruilnik’s lines due to clipping from his shouting.  But I was pleased with the results.

This was filmed on campus with a Canon 70D and edited in Final Cut Pro X.  As you can see, I also included the RECORE Entertainment logo in the beginning, which I’ll be branding in other content as well.  The music is from De Wolfe, used under license through my school.

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