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Digital Audio – Science of Possible (Weekly Radio Segment)

Here is one of many weekly segments I create for my Digital Audio Advanced class, which aims to create content as if it was entering radio-based syndication as a short segment across the country. My segment, Science of Possible, aims to talk about science-related news, events, and discoveries that could change the world as we know it today. This week’s episode is about the recent discovery of a Higgs-like particle that isn’t understood by current physics.

The intro and outro was recorded and edited in Pro Tools, along with the content for episodes 1-3.  Starting with episode 4, the intro and outro were bounced out, using separate audio for each individual track, and content was then recorded and edited in Logic Pro X.

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Video Photography – Tape-based Demo Reel

Here is a demo reel demonstrating possible shot composition, filmed on a professional Panasonic HDV camera. This was edited in Final Cut Pro X.

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Video Photography – t3i Demo Reel

Here is a demo reel demonstrating different experimentation with resolution, frame rate,  shutter speed, and F-Stop, using a Canon t3i DSLR camera.  I edited this in Final Cut Pro X.

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Video Photography – Anti-Bullying/Cyber-Bullying PSA

This cyber bulling PSA video was for a PSA project in my video photography class. I edited the video in Final Cut Pro X, and I created the Facebook graphic in post production.

DISCLAIMER: This video was not created for, endorsed by, nor should be confused with any project by the people at

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Video Photography – Script Project

Here is a video I made for my video photography class.  We were given scripts to record each other saying on camera, and then we had to splice it up and edit it together in a new way.  This was edited in Final Cut Pro X.

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Animatics Project

This is an animatics project from my film and broadcast preproduction class.  We brainstormed the concept for an ad as a group in class, and then we were tasked with working on the storyboard and animatics for the concept.  The concept is that two people are getting off a train or bus on their way to work.  One has regular water, and the other has Smart Water.  The person with the smart water has a great, stress-free day, while the person with the regular water has everything go wrong.

The drawings and editing were done by me.  This was edited in Final Cut Pro X.

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Song Loop Project

This is a song I made using Logic Pro X and Apple Loops. Please enjoy!

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