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Soundtracks and Music Final – Movie Soundtrack Replacement

For our final project in my Soundtracks and Music class, we had to take a movie and replace all the audio with our own. I chose to use the Disney Channel Original Movie “Minutemen”. I did ADR work for the dialogue and recorded some foley as well (mostly for the time machine sounds). Other parts were pre-made royalty free sounds. The music is from DeWolfe Music, which my school has a license to use with our Portfolio work.

Jesse Bain as Virgil
Rico Robbins (me) as Charlie and Chester
Kyle Cornado as Zeke and the bully
Kerstyn Lanius as Jeanette
Brandon Mueller as Vice Principal Tolkan

All rights reserved to Disney for Minutemen. This is uploaded under fair use. I had no part in making the original film; all audio was re-done by me for this school project.

Soundtracks and Music: Environments

On one assignment in my Soundtracks and Music class, we created soundtracks for different environments and scenarios based on a given situation. This is my take on this first one:

You are walking down a busy suburban street that is bustling with activity. You are having a conversation with your friend about this coming weekend’s events. A police car speeds by followed by a rescue squad. After the commotion you step into a quiet but crowded café where you follow the hostess to a booth in the back. You hear laughter, dishes clanging, cooks telling servers that their orders are up and people conversing. The whole time you are still talking with your friend about this weekend’s happenings and how you are looking forward to getting away.

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Digital Audio – Science of Possible (Weekly Radio Segment)

Here is one of many weekly segments I create for my Digital Audio Advanced class, which aims to create content as if it was entering radio-based syndication as a short segment across the country. My segment, Science of Possible, aims to talk about science-related news, events, and discoveries that could change the world as we know it today. This week’s episode is about the recent discovery of a Higgs-like particle that isn’t understood by current physics.

The intro and outro was recorded and edited in Pro Tools, along with the content for episodes 1-3.  Starting with episode 4, the intro and outro were bounced out, using separate audio for each individual track, and content was then recorded and edited in Logic Pro X.

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Song Loop Project

This is a song I made using Logic Pro X and Apple Loops. Please enjoy!

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Radio Ad – Double Talk (30 sec.)

Here is a radio ad I produced for our college radio station promoting the show Double Talk. I used Pro Tools to record, edit, and add the music used in this ad. The music I used at the end is “Happy Boy End Theme”, licensed under the Creative Commons-Attribution license by Kevin MacLeod. Kevin’s website is

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Station Imaging

Here is a station imaging segment I created for my college radio station, complete with station identification. I designed it to be used at the conclusion of any show that may air on the station. I recorded and edited this together in Pro Tools.

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TC PR Podcast – Accomodations

TC PR is a segment in between shows on my college radio station, TC Campus Connection, that is later archived as a podcast. TC PR explains different programs and services that are available to NWTC students. This episode details how accommodation services at NWTC can help students with various types of disabilities.

This episode is a group project I helped put together. I assisted Taylor Wardlow in writing the script, as well as recording the episode intro and interviewing Mee Saykao. Seth Wanie edited the final version together.

Taylor came up with some questions that I tweaked to better the flow with what accommodation services, and I also added a few of my own questions.  I recorded the episode intro using Pro Tools.  To record the audio in my interview with Mee, I used a Zoom Mic portable audio recorder.  Seth imported both my bounced intro and the recording of the interview into Pro Tools, where I supervised and approved of the final edit of the project.

The most difficult part of editing between me and Seth was making it fit within the maximum 5 minute duration.  The pre-recorded show intro and outro was already 30 seconds each, and while the information provided in the interview was good, it was already 8 minutes alone.  Immediately, all potions of me asking the questions were cut.  Also, a lot of good information that were recorded didn’t end up making the final cut just for time purposes alone.  We only left the bare minimum of information that would be essential for an incoming NWTC student to understand what Accommodation Services is and how they might be able to benefit from it.  Below, I have all of the questions asked during the interview:

  • What is accommodation services?
  • Who is eligible for accommodation services?
  • Why should people who are eligible for accommodations apply for it?
  • What are some of the accommodations students can get from your services?
  • What is the process for finding a note-taker for a class, and are there any benefits for being a notetaker?
  • If a student utilizing accommodations requests a note-taker, do they pay the notetaker themselves, or is that already taken care of by your department?
  • If a future college student plans on attending NWTC and is eligible for accommodation services, how soon should they meet with an accommodations advisor?
  • What advice would you give to incoming NWTC Students on how to get the most out of their education?
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