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Soundtracks and Music Final – Movie Soundtrack Replacement

For our final project in my Soundtracks and Music class, we had to take a movie and replace all the audio with our own. I chose to use the Disney Channel Original Movie “Minutemen”. I did ADR work for the dialogue and recorded some foley as well (mostly for the time machine sounds). Other parts were pre-made royalty free sounds. The music is from DeWolfe Music, which my school has a license to use with our Portfolio work.

Jesse Bain as Virgil
Rico Robbins (me) as Charlie and Chester
Kyle Cornado as Zeke and the bully
Kerstyn Lanius as Jeanette
Brandon Mueller as Vice Principal Tolkan

All rights reserved to Disney for Minutemen. This is uploaded under fair use. I had no part in making the original film; all audio was re-done by me for this school project.

Soundtracks and Music: Environments

On one assignment in my Soundtracks and Music class, we created soundtracks for different environments and scenarios based on a given situation. This is my take on this first one:

You are walking down a busy suburban street that is bustling with activity. You are having a conversation with your friend about this coming weekend’s events. A police car speeds by followed by a rescue squad. After the commotion you step into a quiet but crowded café where you follow the hostess to a booth in the back. You hear laughter, dishes clanging, cooks telling servers that their orders are up and people conversing. The whole time you are still talking with your friend about this weekend’s happenings and how you are looking forward to getting away.

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