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My own logo with mask reveal: RECORE Entertainment

I made this logo using a drawing of the “RECORE” logo, with “Entertainment” as a text layer, and a transparent, royalty-free picture of a light bulb.  I used a mask reveal to create the illusion of drawing on the light bulb, and I then proceeded to use a particle emitter to create the light coming out of the bulb.  I used keyframes to manipulate the particle emitter to create the desired effect, with the logo and text simply first appearing as the light pulls away.  I also made everything fade out right away in Motion.  Please enjoy!

Motion: 3D Photo Animation

I created both of these videos with Adobe Photoshop and Apple Motion.  In Photoshop, I separated the layers, and then I animated them in Apple Motion.

For the 2-part animation, I simply clone-stamped the background layer in Photoshop prior to importing into motion, and then I used scaling to create a 3D effect.

However, in the 4-part one, I only separated the layers in Photoshop.  In Motion, I separated each separate layer in Z-space.  I then moved the camera to make it appear 3D.  I also added a Throw behavior to the top sky layer.

NWTC’s Solar Energy Program

For our video production 2 class, we had to work in groups to produce a promotional video for a program at NWTC (other than digital media). In one group I worked with, we did a video on the Solar Energy program. The video was filmed by Jarrod Oettinger and Austin Hammond, with the initial edit put together by Jacob Zich. I worked on fine-tuning and finishing the edit in FCPX, which consisted of trimming B-roll and adding lower thirds, which I created in Apple Motion.

Music was provided by De Wolfe Music, which is allowed under a license with NWTC.

Writer’s Block – Adam Young Scores Short Film Contest

This is my entry into the Adam Young Scores Short Film Contest.

Filmed in Houston, Texas, Writer’s Block features a young, female writer writing a story about an orange thief, only to not be able to figure out how to end the story. When her wish for help results in various story characters to appear in her bedroom, the author struggles to find an ending of theirs that works for her story. In the end, she comes up with an ending of a… weird sort.

While I didn’t place, I enjoyed making it.  I filmed it with my own Canon T5i, with audio recorded with my own Zoom H4n.  I then edited everything in Final Cut Pro X.  Please enjoy!

Soundtracks and Music Final – Movie Soundtrack Replacement

For our final project in my Soundtracks and Music class, we had to take a movie and replace all the audio with our own. I chose to use the Disney Channel Original Movie “Minutemen”. I did ADR work for the dialogue and recorded some foley as well (mostly for the time machine sounds). Other parts were pre-made royalty free sounds. The music is from DeWolfe Music, which my school has a license to use with our Portfolio work.

Jesse Bain as Virgil
Rico Robbins (me) as Charlie and Chester
Kyle Cornado as Zeke and the bully
Kerstyn Lanius as Jeanette
Brandon Mueller as Vice Principal Tolkan

All rights reserved to Disney for Minutemen. This is uploaded under fair use. I had no part in making the original film; all audio was re-done by me for this school project.

Active 8 – Episode 5: Detective Rico

This is a video I edited as a part of my group’s weekly segment contribution to TCWeekly, season 15.  This premiered live in podcast episode 163.  You can find it on iTunes or on YouTube.

Active 8 – Episode 2: Professor Rico

This is a video I edited as a part of my group’s weekly segment contribution to TCWeekly, season 15.  This premiered live in podcast episode 160.  You can find it on iTunes or on YouTube.