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Motion Midterm Practical


For my midterm, I had to create a 10 second intro for a TV show using photos and Apple Motion.  I created mine based on an original TV show idea I have that is a police procedural called “Original Sin”.  In hindsight, I would probably have allowed the “An ABC Studios Productions” to show on screen a little longer than it is.  But I am still pleased with the result.

The music is from De Wolfe, which is used under license through my school.


Motion: Retiming Demo #2


In my other retiming assignment, I had use keyframes on the time parameter in motion to create this retiming.  The footage is sourced also from the same digitized home movie.  The music is from De Wolfe, which is used under license through my school.

Motion: Retiming Demo #1

In my motion class, we did experiments with retiming.  Using footage from a digitized home movie, I used the retiming behavior to create this video.  The music is from De Wolfe, which is used under license through my school.

Motion – 3D Text Animation Demo

This is a demo I did in Apple Motion with 3D Text, using a camera and a light to create the desired effect.


My own logo with mask reveal: RECORE Entertainment

I made this logo using a drawing of the “RECORE” logo, with “Entertainment” as a text layer, and a transparent, royalty-free picture of a light bulb.  I used a mask reveal to create the illusion of drawing on the light bulb, and I then proceeded to use a particle emitter to create the light coming out of the bulb.  I used keyframes to manipulate the particle emitter to create the desired effect, with the logo and text simply first appearing as the light pulls away.  I also made everything fade out right away in Motion.  Please enjoy!

Motion: 3D Photo Animation

I created both of these videos with Adobe Photoshop and Apple Motion.  In Photoshop, I separated the layers, and then I animated them in Apple Motion.

For the 2-part animation, I simply clone-stamped the background layer in Photoshop prior to importing into motion, and then I used scaling to create a 3D effect.

However, in the 4-part one, I only separated the layers in Photoshop.  In Motion, I separated each separate layer in Z-space.  I then moved the camera to make it appear 3D.  I also added a Throw behavior to the top sky layer.