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My own logo with mask reveal: RECORE Entertainment

I made this logo using a drawing of the “RECORE” logo, with “Entertainment” as a text layer, and a transparent, royalty-free picture of a light bulb.  I used a mask reveal to create the illusion of drawing on the light bulb, and I then proceeded to use a particle emitter to create the light coming out of the bulb.  I used keyframes to manipulate the particle emitter to create the desired effect, with the logo and text simply first appearing as the light pulls away.  I also made everything fade out right away in Motion.  Please enjoy!


Motion: 3D Photo Animation

I created both of these videos with Adobe Photoshop and Apple Motion.  In Photoshop, I separated the layers, and then I animated them in Apple Motion.

For the 2-part animation, I simply clone-stamped the background layer in Photoshop prior to importing into motion, and then I used scaling to create a 3D effect.

However, in the 4-part one, I only separated the layers in Photoshop.  In Motion, I separated each separate layer in Z-space.  I then moved the camera to make it appear 3D.  I also added a Throw behavior to the top sky layer.