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Video Photography Interview: Jim De Koch

For our Video Photography Class, we had to interview someone with an interesting story that we didn’t know personally. One of my former high school teachers knew someone who locally produced a short anti-bullying film called “E.O.B.” E.O.B., which stands for Elizabeth Octavia Baxter, tells the story of that girl who ends up committing suicide as a result of bullying. This is that interview with the film’s writer and director, Jim De Koch.

This was filmed by me with Jim’s DSLR camera and microphone. I edited the interview in Final Cut Pro X.

Select clips of E.O.B. used under Fair Use and is copyrighted to Jim De Koch. Music used by De Wolfe, used under a license through Northeast Wisconsin Technical College.

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Corporate Video – Grace Congregational UCC (Two Rivers, WI)

This is a video I made for both a school project and my church, Grace Congregational United Church of Christ. This was done as a sort of “corporate video” piece.

Yes – That means the church is non-profit organization and not a corporation. This was filmed with a DSLR camera and edited with Final Cut Pro X.

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Video Photography – Tape-based Demo Reel

Here is a demo reel demonstrating possible shot composition, filmed on a professional Panasonic HDV camera. This was edited in Final Cut Pro X.

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Video Photography – t3i Demo Reel

Here is a demo reel demonstrating different experimentation with resolution, frame rate,  shutter speed, and F-Stop, using a Canon t3i DSLR camera.  I edited this in Final Cut Pro X.

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Video Photography – Anti-Bullying/Cyber-Bullying PSA

This cyber bulling PSA video was for a PSA project in my video photography class. I edited the video in Final Cut Pro X, and I created the Facebook graphic in post production.

DISCLAIMER: This video was not created for, endorsed by, nor should be confused with any project by the people at endcyberbullying.org.

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Video Photography – Script Project

Here is a video I made for my video photography class.  We were given scripts to record each other saying on camera, and then we had to splice it up and edit it together in a new way.  This was edited in Final Cut Pro X.

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