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Digital Audio – Science of Possible (Weekly Radio Segment)

Here is one of many weekly segments I create for my Digital Audio Advanced class, which aims to create content as if it was entering radio-based syndication as a short segment across the country. My segment, Science of Possible, aims to talk about science-related news, events, and discoveries that could change the world as we know it today. This week’s episode is about the recent discovery of a Higgs-like particle that isn’t understood by current physics.

The intro and outro was recorded and edited in Pro Tools, along with the content for episodes 1-3.  Starting with episode 4, the intro and outro were bounced out, using separate audio for each individual track, and content was then recorded and edited in Logic Pro X.

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Radio Ad – Double Talk (30 sec.)

Here is a radio ad I produced for our college radio station promoting the show Double Talk. I used Pro Tools to record, edit, and add the music used in this ad. The music I used at the end is “Happy Boy End Theme”, licensed under the Creative Commons-Attribution license by Kevin MacLeod. Kevin’s website is incompetech.com.

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Station Imaging

Here is a station imaging segment I created for my college radio station, complete with station identification. I designed it to be used at the conclusion of any show that may air on the station. I recorded and edited this together in Pro Tools.

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