Video Production II – Montage #1: The Mr. Gast Solution


For my video production and editing 2 class, we had to work on various montages that had to meet a certain criteria.  The first montage was the most free: I just had to create something original that was one minute long.  I got inspiration from my non-working printer (at the time) and something that I call “The Mr. Gast Solution”, named after something one of my grade school teachers said when I blamed the computer for why my work was formatted wrong.  I don’t remember exactly what he said, but it goes something like, “When technology fails you, you pick it up… and you throw it against the wall!!”  (Of course, I am not advocating anyone actually attempt the Mr. Gast solution for any of their technology problems, and I assume no responsibility for any harm that may come to your digital devices!)

On the technical side, it was my first class project to use my own camera, the Canon T5i.  When I filmed the smashing of the printer scene, what I did was take a shot of me starting to pick up the Printer.  Then, the next shot was a black colored pot that goes on the stove, which I held over my head, and acted smashing it against the wall.  In reality, I did not hit the wall with the pot.  Finally, I used some old tech junk (an old graphics card, parts from a toy tape recorder, and even the magnetic film from a VHS tape, just to name a few) to lay on the floor and throw into the trash can at the end to stand in for smashed printer parts.  So, in the end, no printers were harmed in the making of this video!!  After filming, I edited the project in Final Cut Pro X.  Music is supplied by De Wolfe, used under license through my school.

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