Macintosh Image Editing – Final Project

Macintosh Image Editing was a course where I learned about Adobe Photoshop, and how to use it to effectively edit images.  For the final project, we had use Photoshop to create an interactive presentation in PDF form that details what we have learned and what we can do using Photoshop.  The style of the presentation could be anything you wanted.  I chose a screenwriting style.  You can download the presentation here (right-click and save target as).

To create the “screenplay” effect, I first typed everything out in Celtx, a free application designed specifically for screenwriting and pre-production.  I could then export this directly to PDF.  To open the PDF in Photoshop properly, I first opened the PDF in Adobe Illustrator, and then I could export the document as a PSD.  I then used Photoshop to tie in every photo and graphic made in Photoshop together.

Once I was done with the page, I saved the file both as a PSD and a PDF, each in a separate folder.  Then, I used Adobe Acrobat to put together all the PDF “pages” and add the links and buttons to make the resulting document interactive.

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